Monday, May 3, 2010

Red-headed Woodpeckers at the Ford House

Two Red-headed Woodpeckers have been seen at the Ford House since Friday, and by the looks of it, they might be setting up the nursery. On Friday it appeared that they were searching for nesting cavities and on Sunday, it was reported that they were, um, consummating their relationship. This is important because this species of woodpecker is in serious decline due to competition for nesting sites from the European Starling. (Of course, there are plenty of those at the Ford House...)

Now, just because these two were seen consummating their relationship it does not necessarily mean that we should be passing out cigars. These two birds may yet find the area unacceptable and move on. I'm willing to bet, however, that if these birds are still here in the second week of May they will attempt to nest on the grounds of the Ford House.

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