Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Winter 2012 Schedule

Jan. 23 -- “Maine: Puffins, Plants, and Whales” Join Nancy Tar for a visit to Maine where she will show you the Atlantic Puffin Reclamation Project started by Steven Kress 35 years ago. Along the way we’ll see Acadia National Park, pelagic birds, plants, lobsters, and finback whales.
Feb. 27 -- “Turkey Vultures: Gorgeous in a Different Way” Dorothy McLeer will tell us how these masters of the migratory winds often go unappreciated for their vital job as part of nature’s clean-up crew. Learn some of their surprising “tricks of the trade” and about their unique adaptations as the ghoulish gourmand of the bird world..
March 19 -- Grosse Pointe Audubon President Bill Rapai has written a book on the Kirtland’s warbler, “The Kirtland’s Warbler: The Story of a Bird’s Fight Against Extinction and the People Who Saved It.” Join him for a celebration of the book’s March release and hear his presentation based on the book.

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