Sunday, January 12, 2014

Winter 2014 schedule

Here's the line up for our winter 2014 meetings.

Jan. 27 -- Madagascar — The Eighth Continent. Madagascar’s flora and fauna are so different from anywhere else on Earth that it is often referred to as the eighth continent. Join Rosann Kovalcik as she takes us on her photographic journey across this strange and wonderful island.

Feb. 24 -- The Michigan Natural Features Inventory — Biodiversity Information for Decision Makers. Brian Klatt, director of the MNFI, will be here to tell us how the organization’s mission of biodiversity monitoring, conservation research, and educational outreach helps decision makers conserve Michigan's natural heritage.

March 17 -- Restoring the Rouge River Watershed. Sally Petrella presents a brief history of the Rouge River, its past and current challenges and restoration efforts, and will tell us how Friends of the Rouge is working to promote restoration and stewardship and how people can get involved.

Look for the winter newsletter soon!

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